Our Mission

IFS stands for "I Fuel Swaraj". The IFS Leadership Program allows every Indian to participate in the creation of a corruption free India and people centric governance systems, where the common man and woman hold the power to decide their own destiny.

This program is being launched by the AAP fund-raising volunteer team to bring all like-minded Indians across the globe to be part of this global revolution. We are happy to invite supporters who would like to be our "IFS Leaders" across the globe. The IFS program will connect you to our network of volunteers and help you help AAP with both fund-raising as well as recruiting other like-minded folks to join our efforts.

What is my Role as a IFS Leader

The IFS Leaders are the crucial fund-raising volunteers for the Aam Aadmi Party. Each IFS Leader pledges to reach out to their personal networks (friends, classmates, family, co-workers, social groups) and help raise a minimum of 10 donations amounting to a minimum of Rs. 50,000/- to become an IFS Leader.

Additionally, IFS Leaders expand the IFS Leaders' network by helping to create more IFS Leaders. We have created the IFS Leader signup tool that will help you track your fund-raising efforts and also the networks that you create.

How will my Network Recognize my Contributions as IFS Leader

If you are able to share your AAP volunteer status, we will publish all IFS Leader names and contact details on our IFS microsite. This will help anyone in your network recognize that you are a key fund-raising volunteer for AAP and help you in lobbying for donations. Over time, we will ask of IFS Leaders to get engaged with other fund-raising tasks – group meetings, NRI channel co-ordination, corporate channels and HNI contributions.

How Can I Sign Up to be a IFS Leader

Fill out the online form at http://ifuelswaraj.org/register.php and sign up for the pledge to raise Rs. 50k in donation. On signup, you will received a user-id and password to the IFS tracking tool. Use the login details to track your donations / collections and invite other IFS leaders. See when your invited IFS Leaders sign-up and start collecting funds.